Christmas parties are usually affairs where the event is planned around a specific location each year. That location is usually nearby the office, if it's not the office itself. But…is it the only possibility?

You can dramatically move the location if you have a good enough reason to do so. The best reason is to have an event planned at the location, such as a special announcement regarding the future of the company or if the location has a special significance to the company, for example, the first factory or where the founder established the company. Other reasons are more political in nature; as more branches are added, the company president may choose a random one and have the party he shows up at there.

You may have personal reasons for traveling, such as wanting to join a spouse or other loved one at their location. As a manager or investigator, you may need to go be somewhere after Christmas, and decide to show up early to take advantage of the Christmas party. For that matter, as a freelancer you may be invited to a client's party and need to travel there.

You may just decide to get a group of people together and do something weird and wonderful for Christmas. The number of people that decide to do "something different" is increasing each year as travel agencies make those packages available.

When you do travel, make sure that book early, the earlier the better; this allows you to make sure that you get your seat, usually gets you a discount, and simplifies life. Air travel is advised, as it's safer and quicker; not only will you get there faster and be able to return faster, but do it with a better chance of returning. Buses and trains may be great most of the year (as they allow some sightseeing), but are lousy around the holidays due too crowding and are limited to weather. If it all possible, do not drive; it's the slowest form of travel, and you may face too many slow-downs.

When traveling, make sure that your papers are in order; having papers with even the slightest error may slow you down. If you need to fly into or out of the United States, be prepared to be especially slowed down due to terrorist issues. If you need to fly anywhere, take only the bare essentials, and nothing with an cutting edge (if you must, put it in your baggage). The bureaucracy and the sheer number of other travelers are your biggest traveling obstacles, and you should simplify things so that your travel is as easy as possible.

If you need to travel, do it in the most expeditious way possible; by doing so, you will have a great adventure at wherever it is that you plan to go and return relaxed instead of stressed.

Martin Lucchi is a Web Developer for Eclipse Leisure, a British company that organizes hen weekends, stag nights, Corporate Events and corporate Christmas parties for the UK and Europe.

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by Jason Homan

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday ever. Its fantastic. I live for .hristmas! Ive already started listening to Christmas music.

When we think about Christmas, the first thing that comes to our minds is a "Christmas tree" !! I love Christmas trees and Christmas lights. We have lights all over the outside of ours. I love outdoor lights.

Every year we buy a living Christmas tree in a pot. We dont like the idea of killing trees for Christmas. We water and fertilize it well and come spring we plant it outside or give it to friends as housewarming etc… living in Colorado we can plant it after new years generally but it lives fine in the house until its able to be planted outside. I believe real and artificial trees both have advantages and disadvantages. Real trees are much prettier and much more attractive than artificial trees. Fake trees are the best because they save the environment. I think the best compromise is to get a live tree and then plant it after the holiday.

It is a chore for me to get the lights on Christmas tree, but when we comes to the ornaments and other decorations it is a walk down memory lane, I have things that go back to our childhood, places weve been and decorations that were made special for us we put on our tree each year. We havent been able to part with all the nostalgia associated with all my decorations.

And very important !!!… As pet guardians (I have two adult dogs ( American Pit Bull Terrier and Puggle), and puppy Chihuahua (Longhaired)), we cannot forget that although the holidays are a very exciting time for people, they can be very overwhelming and even dangerous for our pets. Watch your pets!!! Puppies and kittens also need to be watched constantly. Ornaments, wires, lights, tinsel, and other holiday paraphernalia can be dangerous to a curious young pet.

I love christmas decorations and love going round seeing all the work people have done. It is lovely and festive. Oh look at those wonderful Christmas trees!

My name is Jason Homan. I was born in Detroit Michigan and moved to Denver at an early age. Christmas!!! Its my favorite time of year!! I just love picking out my Christmas tree and I mean – putting up decorations!! My webpage can be visited at

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Written by Catherine Spelling

Traditionally Christmas ornaments were bulbs of all the same color which were placed randomly throughout your Christmas tree. Over the past few decades, Christmas ornaments have developed into elaborate pieces of art which are delicately planned out and placed throughout the Christmas tree. Currently there are many types of Christmas ornaments to choose from and the creativity and uniqueness of your Christmas tree will highly depend on the types of ornaments you choose.

Below you will find the 5 most popular styles of ornaments for your Christmas tree:

Illuminated – Christmas ornaments which light up are becoming extremely popular. Christmas lights have been popular for a long time, so there's no reason to wonder why illuminated Christmas tree ornaments are becoming so desired. Illuminated Christmas decorations are generally quite high in price. They can range anywhere from $5 to $20 a piece.

Mobile – Mobile Christmas tree ornaments are unique and add a whole new element to any Christmas tree. This type of ornament adds an element of movement to your tree, something all Christmas trees lacked before now. Ornaments have the ability to move up and down, side to side and all around. Mobile Christmas tree decorations are said to bring Christmas trees to life. They are also quite expensive and are usually found in the same price range of illuminated Christmas ornaments.

Musical – Musical ornaments, along with illuminated and mobile ornaments, are the newest form of Christmas ornament on the market right now. Many ornaments play Christmas songs and carols for everyone to enjoy. Fortunately most also come equipped with on/off buttons which can regulate the sound when you don't want the music playing. These usually cost in the same vicinity of mobile and illuminated ornaments.

Homemade – Homemade Christmas tree ornaments are a sure way to ensure your Christmas tree is one of a kind. This form of ornament is personal, thoughtful and an ornament which is likely to be cherished forever. Homemade ornaments are often made by children for their moms and dads, but there are also a number of moms and dads who make ornaments at home and sell them for low prices. Regardless, homemade Christmas ornaments are one-of-a-kind are cost considerably lower than the other types.

Bulbs – Christmas tree bulbs will forever remain in style because they give your tree the traditional look which all trees should have. Christmas bulbs usually come in packs of about 10 and the bulbs tend to be the same colors and shapes. They are distributed as evenly as possible throughout your tree. These ornaments cost slightly higher than homemade ornaments, however they cost considerably less than any other form of Christmas tree ornament. Plus, you can always decorate them yourself.

There is an unlimited selection of Christmas tree ornaments available on the market and the choices you make will highly affect the overall appearance of your Christmas tree. Each individual family will have their own preference and no two Christmas trees will ever look the same. That's a good thing because, like people, if they all looked the same they would not be as fascinating to look at.

Catherine Spelling is a retired interior designer who now uses her decorating talents to make holidays an eye catching event. She is a freelance writer for – a site that offers tips for Christmas decorations, picking out Christmas trees, tips for choosing Christmas tree toppers and more.

For all your Christmas decorating needs, visit and be sure to look at the Custom Christmas Displays available.

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Written by Adam Peters

An outdoor Christmas decoration holds a special place in people's hearts. Christmas is an elaborate celebration for many people throughout the world. For most families, Christmas involves an extensive amount of decorating, both indoors and outside. Many towns and neighborhoods hold lighting and decoration contests to see who can come up with the best seasonal decorative scheme for their home. There are many different types of outdoor Christmas decorations.

One type of outdoor Christmas decoration is a homemade decoration. These are perhaps the most sentimental decorations, as families typically get together during the season to create and places these in their yard or on their homes. They are less costly than store bought decorations, as they can save over half the price of store Christmas decorations. Simple items like wire coat hangers can be fashioned into reindeer, trees, stars, bells, candy canes, and other ornamental signs of the season. They can then be wrapped with outdoor lights to illuminate the night. Strips of wood can be fashioned into figures like Santa Clause and set to illuminate the blackness of a winter night as well.

Let an outdoor Christmas decoration spice up your home for the holidays

Another type of outdoor Christmas decoration is a string of lights, though these days they come in many shapes and sizes. Lights are, perhaps, the most popular form of outdoor Christmas decoration. It is possible to purchase lights in the shape of trees or stars. You can also buy lights to hang on your house. For these, you can by dangling lights that resemble icicles or a simple strand with one white or colored bulb every few inches. These strings of lights can flash or blink in any pattern or you can simply have them stay on in a constant fashion.

One final type of outdoor Christmas decoration is a pre-made statue or figure of some type that has lighting capabilities. These come in many shapes and sizes from religious figures and nativity scenes to popular characters like Santa Clause or cartoon characters dressed in festive gear. Air inflated decorations like this are gaining in popularity. They us a constant source of air to stay inflated much like a children's jumping tent might. Additionally, they are lit for visibility at night. They are inexpensive to own and operate, and look quite festive on the lawn or on the roof with the lights.

An outdoor Christmas decoration can be an important addition to any holiday season. Be sure to choose the right decoration for you.

Adam Peters writes regularly for the free online decor magazine . Peters contributes adding reviews very often on decorating and design topics. You can also reach interesting articles on easter and christmas decorations at

For all your Christmas decorating needs, visit and be sure to look at the Custom Christmas Displays available.

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Written by Elizabeth Morgan

There can be no Christmas without a beautifully decorated fir tree. According to history, the tradition of decorating trees in winter precedes the birth of Christ. The Romans were known to have decorated trees with metal during a winter festival that honoured Saturnus, the god of agriculture. According to myth, a paradise tree was decorated with apples to celebrate the feast of Adam and Eve on December 24. Folklore describes how Martin Luther, to share his experience in an evergreen forest, brought a tree home to his family and decorated it with candles.

The very first tree was decorated for Christmas in Latvia in 1510, and the earliest written record of a decorated tree is from a diary dated 1605, from an area which was in Germany but is now a part of France. It was apparently decorated with apples, candles, and candies.

In the US, the first Christmas tree retail lot was established by Mark Carr in New York in 1851; prior to this all trees came from the forests. Now around thirty-six million trees are grown every year for sale at Christmas. And, in the US, the states of Oregon, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Washington are the leaders. Among the firs that we popularly term as Christmas trees are the Scotch pine, Douglas fir, Noble fir, Fraser fir, Balsam fir, and White pine.

Christmas trees introduce magic into the home, and spread happiness, peace, and joy. Select a tree with care. Be sure to measure the space where your tree will stand so that you don't buy one too big or too small. Choose a fresh tree, one that is lush and green with just a hint of brown pine needles. The needles should be resilient to the touch, and not fall off. If you shake or drop the tree only a few needles should fall. Buy a tree that has a straight trunk. Most farms offer to blow the trees before you take it home, to get rid of loose needles. Take home a cleaned and netted tree -it is easier to handle.

Learn all about how to care for the tree and remember: for each tree cut and taken home at least three must be planted. Decorate the tree with love and care, involve all the family members–it promotes togetherness. A few tips are: to keep the tree fresh and green, ensure that it has sufficient fresh water; use lights that are soft and will not heat the tree or burn its leaves; put the lights on first and then the garlands or streamers; use ornaments that represent every member of your home, even ancestors; if you are artistic make your own ornaments; use natural materials and sparkle that does not contain any lead.

Christmas is a tradition: use an heirloom for the tip of the tree, like a star or angel. Be a good citizen and keep the tree away from an open fire or appliances. Keep streamers and tinsel away from light sockets, always check the lights before use and buy light strings that are approved by the Underwriters' Laboratories. Be sure not to overload the electric circuit and endanger the lives of family members over the holidays. Above all, recycle the tree.

Trees provides detailed information on Trees, Palm Trees, Christmas Trees, Tree Houses and more. Trees is affliated with Silk Palm Trees.

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