Should You Travel to a Christmas Party?

Christmas parties are usually affairs where the event is planned around a specific location each year. That location is usually nearby the office, if it's not the office itself. But…is it the only possibility?

You can dramatically move the location if you have a good enough reason to do so. The best reason is to have an event planned at the location, such as a special announcement regarding the future of the company or if the location has a special significance to the company, for example, the first factory or where the founder established the company. Other reasons are more political in nature; as more branches are added, the company president may choose a random one and have the party he shows up at there.

You may have personal reasons for traveling, such as wanting to join a spouse or other loved one at their location. As a manager or investigator, you may need to go be somewhere after Christmas, and decide to show up early to take advantage of the Christmas party. For that matter, as a freelancer you may be invited to a client's party and need to travel there.

You may just decide to get a group of people together and do something weird and wonderful for Christmas. The number of people that decide to do "something different" is increasing each year as travel agencies make those packages available.

When you do travel, make sure that book early, the earlier the better; this allows you to make sure that you get your seat, usually gets you a discount, and simplifies life. Air travel is advised, as it's safer and quicker; not only will you get there faster and be able to return faster, but do it with a better chance of returning. Buses and trains may be great most of the year (as they allow some sightseeing), but are lousy around the holidays due too crowding and are limited to weather. If it all possible, do not drive; it's the slowest form of travel, and you may face too many slow-downs.

When traveling, make sure that your papers are in order; having papers with even the slightest error may slow you down. If you need to fly into or out of the United States, be prepared to be especially slowed down due to terrorist issues. If you need to fly anywhere, take only the bare essentials, and nothing with an cutting edge (if you must, put it in your baggage). The bureaucracy and the sheer number of other travelers are your biggest traveling obstacles, and you should simplify things so that your travel is as easy as possible.

If you need to travel, do it in the most expeditious way possible; by doing so, you will have a great adventure at wherever it is that you plan to go and return relaxed instead of stressed.

Martin Lucchi is a Web Developer for Eclipse Leisure, a British company that organizes hen weekends, stag nights, Corporate Events and corporate Christmas parties for the UK and Europe.

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