A Christmas Party Fit for the Office

by Gail Leino

In the U.S., the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day are all significant days of celebration, but Christmas is probably the one holiday that just about everyone celebrates. It is very common for most businesses to close their doors for business on December 25th, Christmas day. Christmas is traditionally a Christian holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus, but many people have come to celebrate it in their own unique way. Some people recognize it as a day of giving to others and volunteer to help those that are less fortunate. Many others simply share gifts with their family and friends and enjoy the time off from work.

Because people celebrate Christmas in many different ways, an office Christmas party can also have many avenues of celebration. The office Christmas party is different from a more personal party of friends and family in that it must embrace the different ways of celebration. A party, for example, that has religious overtones may offend a co-worker that is not a Christian. In the converse, a party that focuses on Santa Claus may offend a co-worker who is Christian. The best approach to an office Christmas party is to throw in a little of everything. You can easily discover any special needs and concerns by sending out invitations and requesting that people with certain needs and concerns make those known when they R.S.V.P. Most people embrace the gift of giving at Christmas. Choosing names for presents and giving the gifts at the Christmas party is a common activity. In addition, everyone can bring in their own stocking with their name on it and the company can provide small gifts to all the employees, along with candy.

The food you choose to serve is open. A budget-conscious company may consider providing the main entrée and have the employees bring the side dishes and desserts. This potluck is very common. The company policy will determine whether alcohol is appropriate for the company. If you are not sure of the policy, be sure to check with someone to make sure it is fine. This is particularly important to discover this information if the Christmas party will be held in the office. If you are given the go ahead to serve alcohol, be sure you have a taxi service or designated drivers, just in case someone has a bit too much alcohol to drink at the party and is not able to drive themselves home.

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