Lighting Your Home This Christmas

You have probably seen a house like this many times during the Christmas season: a rather bland home transformed into an incredible visual site by the addition of a number of colored lights. Or, more specifically, the home is adorned with a number of shining and unique Christmas lights that change a mere domicile into a unique shrine of Christmas love and cheer.

Christmas LightsSuch homes are truly a sight to behold because the wonderful commitment to the holiday season promoted by those who create such incredible Christmas displays create a certain ambiance and mood in the neighborhood that confirms that Christmas is a special time of the year and that it brings out special feelings and traditions. While such displays are truly wonderful, there are costs associated with them and these costs can get out of control if one is not completely careful.

Cost Efficiency and Christmas Lights

“My lights are not hooked up to the moon” is a popular colloquialism that is often used to describe wasting energy. (Loosely translated, it is a nice way of saying your abuse of my electricity is causing my bills to skyrocket!) While it is a somewhat silly and funny way of politely reminding a person of fiscal responsibility, it is also a very important notion to pay attention to particularly if you are an individual who is operating on a budget. While it is incredibly nice to provide the neighborhood with a wonderful display of Christmas lights, one must also realize that the electric meter is running while those lights are on. So, there comes a huge utility cost when such lighting is employed.

How can you reduce costs when it comes to Christmas lights? Basically, keep the display of Christmas lights restricted to times when someone can actually appreciate them. Often, people will have their Christmas displays on during the day and this is not the wisest move. The light from the sun will diminish the visual allure of the lights and render it inconsequential.

And, speaking of inconsequential, why do people leave their Christmas lights on all through the night when the number people able to see and appreciate them will be reduced? Keep it simple folks: turn on the lights during the early evening and shut them off before you go to bed. This will keep costs down and the volume of appreciation way up.