A wide variety of Christmas tree decorations are available today that people buy to accessorize their Christmas trees. How do you spruce up a tree so that it can help induce Christmas spirit within the home and make everyone happy?

The best way to decorate a tree is to identify the theme you want. The theme mainly dictates the size, material,and decorations of the Christmas tree. Some individuals prefer a certain color and this will define the colors of the accessories. Others prefer certain objects such as angels, balls, snowmen, stars, candy canes, animals and candles. While others prefer to be unique and buy unusual ornaments like ballet figures, sports items, or even patriotic ornaments. In classrooms, students are encouraged to come up with Christmas tree decorations from natural or recycled materials.

Most likely, the most crucial Christmas tree decoration are the Christmas lights. It needs particular attention as it brings a special life to the tree. There are numerous types of Christmas lights available in the market. It's also possible to choose an outdoor or an indoor type depending where you want to put the Christmas tree. Colors vary from Christmas colors such as green, red, and white and to the more typical ones such as blue, turquoise and violet. However, a special attention has to be given on the quality of the Christmas lights to avoid getting electrocuted and catching fire during the season. Fire caused by a faulty Christmas tree decoration is the first thing one must truly avoid during Christmas.

When you have bought your tree and Christmas decorations, the next step is to put the decorations on the Christmas tree. If the tree is tall, it will be convenient to keep a portable step near it. Most people start by putting the lights first around the tree. It is better to hang the decorations starting from the inside of the tree and towards the outer tips of the branches. You have to pay attention that the decorations are well spaced throughout the tree and not concentrated at one spot of the tree.

After you have successfully placed all the decorations, it's now time to enjoy the sight of a pretty Christmas tree.

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"Going green" has become a part of our daily lives. We recycle paper and plastic. Our appliances and vehicles are also enegry efficient.  Going green with LED is now the choice in holiday lighting as well.

The price for LED lighting is a bit more than the standard incandescent bulbs we've seen in the past but the energy savings, longevity and low maintenance more than make up for the cost difference.

An LED bulb consumes only 1/10 the amount of energy of an incandescent bulb.  For example, a typical 50-light string of incandescent bulbs uses 20.4 watts of power, while our Pro-Grade 50-light strings only use either 2.4 or 4.8 watts per string (depending on the color) yet produce the same or even more output. That's a savings on your electric bill of 77% to 89%. And that's only the beginning……..

Longevity is another important advantage to using LED lighting. The standard incandescent mini lights are rated at 3,000 hours, our Pro-Graded Minibrites rate at…..are you ready for this? 50,000 hours!!!! That's approximately 16 times longer, which means 16 less times you'll need to replace the light string.

A few other advantages of using LED for your holiday lighting displays are LED lights are much smaller than the traditional bulb, making it much easier to put up your lights and allows you to be more creative in your holiday displays.  Have I mentioned that LED lights also operate much cooler than other bulbs?  In fact, they only exhibit a temperature variation of 1 degree, making them a much safer option than incandescent light sets. This gives you more freedom in decorating outdoor plants and greenery, which would be prone to catching fire if you used other bulbs.

There is nothing more festive than having a freshly cut Christmas tree in the house. The aroma of the pine says “Happy Holidays” like almost nothing else. Of course, there is that chilly trip to a tree lot to choose the perfect holiday tree. Then there is the process of loading it onto the car, driving home on a wing and a prayer that the tree will remain in place until you get to your driveway, and getting the tree into the home without breaking any valuables or losing any needles from the branches. Once the tree is up and decorated, you must constantly check the water level to ensure that your fresh tree does indeed stay fresh. Finally, once the holidays have ended, you will need to undecorate your tree, remove it from your living room and possibly load it back onto your car for proper disposal. Let’s face it; fresh Christmas trees can be a lot of work and a mess, which is undoubtedly why artificial Christmas trees have gained popularity over the decades.

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Written by Enid Edginton

Christmas OrnamentsSometimes decorating a christmas tree can seem so complicated that you feel like singing "Uh oh christmas tree" rather than "Oh Christmas tree. Whether you are decorating a natural evergreen or an rtificial tree here are some tips for making the entire experience a little less disorganized.

1. I know this article is supposed to be about decorating a christmas tree but let's start First with removing the decorations. Think back to last year. Did you just strip everything off the tree and throw it in a box? Are your christmas tree lights all gnarled up into a snarl? Are the limbs of your artificial prelit christmas trees actually stuffed inside your golf bag? This is how you end up with a bad case of Uh oh christmas tree. I am sure you have heard of that old saying "as it begins, so it ends and so it begins again." This applies to decorating a christmas tree as well. This year, you are going to swear to pack up everything in an organized way so that you don't waste time sorting through damaged ornaments and piles of old tinsel.

2. Whether or not your tree looks really good might be dependent on what kind of tree you choose. Believe it or not there are some species of trees that are easier to decorate than others. Pine is the type of evergreen tree that is voted most likely to lose its needles and turn into a version of the pathetic Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The best types of trees when it comes to holding ornaments are firs and spruces. This is because their branches are the sturdiest. Of course if you are decorating an artificial prelit tree than this tip is really not much use to you.

3. If you are decorating a christmas tree that is real make sure it is fresh. You can tell if a tree is fresh or not by bending the branches. If the branches bend a bit that means it is full of moisture and more likely to support a christmas decoration. If it snaps, don't buy it. It is too dry to support decorations and likely to spill its needles all over your floor too.

4. If you are buying a natural tree, remember to put the Christmas mat below it before you put it on the stand. Some christmas tree skirts and mats come with a slit in the center and buttons or Velcro fastens others. Make sure you note what kind you have before you mount the tree on the stand as you can't slip a christmas tree skirt over the tree's head like a person would a sweater.

5. When decorating a christmas tree make sure that you unsnarl the lights before you try to drape them around the tree. It is also safest to make sure all the bulbs are working before you try to do this too. There is a tiny chance that if you try to change burned out christmas bulbs while they are on the tree that a spark could ignite the tree and turn it into a christmas candle.

6. You may have heard that decorating a christmas tree with electric lightbulbs is much safer than decorating them the old fashioned way with candles. This is true as long as you obey one cardinal rule: don't rest a bulb directly against the branches of the tree. Like the old fashioned candles, hot christmas bulbs can heat up needles and catch fire. This is especially true if you shopped for a christmas tree at the last minute and ended up with a dry tree. The absolutely safest trees to buy are prelit artificial christmas trees as some of Them have automatic shut-down features if they get too hot.

7. If you have lots of pets and children running around during the holiday season an artificial prelit tree might be safer than a natural one with bulbs strung around it. There is less risk of tiny fingers pulling bulbs down or getting electrocuted. There is also less danger of pets and children swallowing the needles that are shed from natural trees.

8. Decorating christmas trees is ultimately all about proportion. When hanging decorations put the largest sized decorations at the bottom and the smallest one at the top. The effect is just more pleasing to the eye.

9. When decorating a christmas tree it is best not to throw clumps of tinsel at the tree as if they were handfuls of spaghetti. The most attractive effect is achieved by hanging clumps of tinsel just at the very edges of each branch. Think a bit about how real icicles look when they are hanging from real trees.

10. Do choose a theme for your tree. Choosing a theme and sticking with it gives you the most fashionable looking tree. You can choose a color theme – sticking to gold, silver and red or pink and gold only (which looks great on a white prelit artificial tree) or you can style the tree after traditions such as the German style tree (decorated mostly with food), the Victorian style tree (decorated with tiny detailed ornaments and lots of angels) or the Country style tree (decorated with glass balls, wooden ornaments and plenty of flocking to simulate snow.)

11. When decorating a christmas tree remember to make it uniquely yours by adding heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation. Another nice touch is Christmas cards or cookies and candies that you have made in your own kitchen. This gives your xmas tree a unique personal touch.

12. Whether you are decorating a natural or prelit artificial tree remember that less is always more. Otherwise the tree could look very cluttered is is not just the general rule of thumb of christmas tree decorating. It is a golden rule that applies to all interior decorating.

For more information on Christmas trees, visit http://www.o-christmas-tree.com – a year-round resource for all your christmas tree and decoration needs.

Written by Enid Edginton

Does your christmas tree look too old fashioned? When it comes to decorating christmas trees there are some style tips to follow so that they look more up-to-date and stylish.

Christmas TreeSTYLE TIP #1:
The big fat round artificial christmas tree is out and the slim artificial tree is in. This is because when it comes to decorating christmas tree the trends lately lean more towards tall and conical shapes rather than fat and round shapes.
This style is more reminiscent of the modernist trends from the seventies and strangely, the tall conical trees that were in favor during the Victorian era. It was Queen Victoria who insisted on the tallest tree possible for her living room and the narrow tree girth was also necessary in order to fit these tall slender trees into Victorian homes. The same could be said of modern day "cozy" condo lofts and apartments which often have tall ceiling heights but less floor space and suit a slim artificial christmas tree much better than a chubbier version.

Natural trees that tend to be tall and slim are the spruces and firs. They just have a slimmer girth than pines and cedars. When it comes to fake xmas trees, more and more manufacturers are releasing slim artificial trees that can fit more easily into our cramped urban lifestyle.

Artificial is in and natural trees are out. Okay, so maybe real christmas trees will never go out of fashion but if you are a bit of style snob then the trend is towards an artificial tree in the wildest color you can find. Basically the idea is to find a tree that looks like it would go well in Lieutenant O'Hura's bedroom on Star Trek.

Every year, artificial trees are looking more and more cartoonish. You can buy them in a spectrum of colors and in many different materials including PVC, vinyl and tinsel. The slim artificial trees in wild colors are very popular with younger people. Some sites sell xmas trees that are nothing more than a coiled spiral of yellow pink and blue lights that are free standing and merely emulate the shape of a christmas tree.

Probably the two most trendy colors for trees are the red and white. The red trees have an offbeat look to them that is reminiscent of a bad Kodachrome photograph from the seventies. However that is part of their appeal. The white artificial trees are just simply gorgeous, especially the prelit artificial trees with branches that have glowing fiber optic tips.

One of the secrets to decorating christmas trees in a stylish way is to be minimalist. To be truly fashionable, stick to decorating the tree in just one or two colors. For instance you could decorate a natural evergreen with only gold bows and natural crystals. A white christmas tree looks great with uniformly sized christmas balls from top to bottom. A sky blue artificial tree could be decorated in monochrome with glass balls that are a deeper shade of blue.
The minimalist approach also goes for the style of decorations that you choose. Stick to one or two shapes to keep the look of the tree uncluttered and sleek. For instance, forget the round glass balls and choose conical glass balls and flat spheres only to decorate an entire tree. By the way the craze for slim artificial xmas trees is similar to the current craze for slim conical christmas decorations. Conical decorations are very much identified with retro seventies styles.

One of the first rules of fashion and also interior decorating is to break all the rules and the same applies to Christmas trees. This means deliberately ignoring christmas traditions with the idea of putting a new spin on them. For instance instead of using the classic angel or star as a tree topper you could try topping it with a spray of fibrous waving multicolored diodes or a design that you have constructed using christmas rope lights. One interesting idea is to make a star out of red velvet and decorate it with peacock feathers, faux gems and gold bows.

Another way to break a traditional rule is to decorate your tree with just one color. To be different you could also forget about putting largest decorations at the bottom and the tiny ones at the top, put the large ones on the top and the tiny ones on the bottom. Another idea is to make all of your christmas tree decorations the same size.

One big trend that has dominated Christmas style and design for the last few years is to hang your Christmas tree anyway you can think of, as long as it is not standing up. This includes hanging it upside down from the ceiling, suspending it sideways from the ceiling and buttressing it against a wall.

One of the secrets to decorating christmas trees is that the more personal it is the better. A good example is the chef who decorates his tree using only plastic forks and knives or the new mom who decorates her tree with baby bottles and baby toys. If you celebrate the Chinese New Year you might want to decorate your tree with Buddha figures and fortune cookies.

Another great way to personalize your christmas tree is to use baked goods. Tree ornaments made of pink and yellow gumdrops and toothpicks look nice on an artificial white christmas tree for example. Home made gingerbread men and short bread snowmen would go well with a red artificial prelit christmas tree.

One place to get inspiration is the candy store. Choose your favorite candies that you loved as a kid. A smaller tree looks fantastic decorated in candies wrapped in foil. However once again the key is to be minimalist. Don't decorate the tree with seven or eight kinds of candy. Decorate it with two to three kinds to give it a kind of uniformity.

If you haven't figured it out by now one of the keys to decorating christmas trees is repetition on a single theme. If you like teddy bears than decorate the entire tree in teddy bears and one other design element, such as red glass balls. Keeping it simple yet elegant is the key to decorating christmas trees.

For more information on Christmas trees, visit http://www.o-christmas-tree.com – a year-round resource for all your christmas tree and decoration needs.

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