Give Your Home Curb Appeal This Holiday Season

In suburban U.S.A., living the American dream… Sounds appealing, whether you are living it or not, doesn't it? This was once the American ideal. Times have changed a lot. However, one thing remains the same: home owners are proud of their homes, no matter where they live. Homeowners would love to add value to their homes if given the opportunity and believe curb appeal is important. Who doesn't want to live in the nicest, largest or most interesting home on the block? What would set your home apart from the rest if it’s not the nicest or the largest?

Landscaping, exterior improvements, outside décor? All of the above are great ideas to add visual interest to your home. But what about taking advantage of the Christmas season? The season is an opportunity for homes and businesses alike to literally “shine”. It’s a favorite Christmas tradition to drive around and gaze at Christmas lights. Why not proudly display your home with beautiful lighting?

At the time of year when those spring flowers you planted no longer live—in most regions—this is the perfect way to be festive, entertain and create curb appeal! You can enjoy the lighting from November to January—or later—year after year. It’s something to look forward to each year. It’s also something for your entire neighborhood to anticipate.

So where do you begin? The budget, where to buy, who’s going to install? The best way to begin is to start planning early. Envision your decorated home and define your expectations.  Come up with your own creative ideas. How much do you have to spend? Do you want simple strands of lights or do you want to go a bit bigger with large outdoor displays? Do you want to buy online? Are you able to self-install or would you need to hire someone?

Once you have answered these questions, start shopping! Call around and look online if you are going custom. See what’s out there that fills your vision. There is an array of product available on the Internet. Shopping around also gives you ideas. Place your orders early in case what you’re after is on back order or not yet available.  After your lighting is purchased, sketch out a plan for your home with your lighting design. If you are hiring someone to install, you will already have your plan in hand and simplify the process. If you are doing it yourself, you have a blueprint to follow. Happy decorating!

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By Melissa Farnham, Director of Marketing for LightTheNight

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