Why are Christmas Parties the seasonal place to be?

Written by Andrew Cahill

I'll tell you why. Its because everybody needs a chance to unwind at the end of a demanding year, a chance to get ridiculously tippled without needing a decent excuse, a chance to try it on with someone you have lusted over since you started working there, a chance to mingle with the big boys (and girls) whom throughout the year have remained out of reach, a chance to make a complete fool out of oneself without feeling out of place, and not forgetting that chance to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ…of course!

As long as we all need this chance, then Christmas parties will remain a lucrative and important business to both the corporate and private industries. Organising a party can be a very demanding and stressful task especially for upwards of 100 people! Do they want the "Roasted chicken breast with an apricot and almond stuffing" or the "Rack of lamb on pommes dauphinoise served with strips of roasted parsnips"? What entertainment do they want? Where do they want it to be held? Do they want alcohol included in the price?

All these questions and many more need to be answered in order to fulfill such specific and individual requirements that we as a society now demand. So now we are seeing many new and established event planning companies entering into this market with one aim in mind, to reap the rewards. The Google search engine is returning 24,500,000 results for entering the term "Christmas Parties", which shows how popular the online marketplace is for Christmas parties.

The holiday operator Club 18-30s, who took package holidays to the next level for young people, enjoyed several years of unrivalled success in their niche until their reputation was destroyed by bad media. This was once the most popular seasonal industry to be involved in, but since this bad press, Christmas party planning has now taken the title.

Additionally, its not specifically event planners that are getting in on the act, venue finders such as www.venuereservations.co.uk/christmas-events, whom offer a variety of Christmas parties, have taken advantage of the situation by offering a venue finding service strictly for Christmas parties, through their partner website www.christmasparties.co.uk.

This industry is running itself, with the big players and their reputations generating profits for smaller organizations whom are affiliates through the Christmas parties they offer. It has created a big window for affiliate marketing with Google's pay per click (PPC) program "Adsense" leading the way. It also creates a huge supply of events, which an individual may find difficult to choose from, it does, nonetheless, provide opportunities for businesses like www.christmasparties.co.uk to help with this problem.

But perhaps the greatest positive to come from this, is that you can have parties in some of London's top landmarks, such as Tower Bridge, which in turn has rekindled our society's romance with the architectural beauty of London.

So just remember to take that chance, the chance you deserve, experience the festivities of a Christmas party, it is your right.


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