Begin Planning Christmas in April – Part 4

Written by Barbara Thorp

Interior Christmas Decorating

Spending this time together with your family, and using everyones ideas to make your home look beautifully festive will be a joy to the children and adults alike. Construct a lovely setting to put the Nativity scene. Make it the centre of attention and place candles of different heights around it. Either hang a big golden star over the top, or if you havent the facilities for that, then place it on a piece of strong wire, make a base with the wire by turning the bottom portion into a ring so that the star can be seen at the rear of the Nativity scene.

Decide where you want to buy online and check out the prices, compare, and buy up on specials; sometimes they can be as low as 75% off. The have hundreds of ads in their classified pages, just join, log in, and begin to search. So many sites you visit not only have an overabundance of trees, lights, decorations and more, but will also deliver Australia wide. So when you get you Christmas goodies make lots of bows, big and small, with colourful Christmassy ribbon, bright red and green ribbons and clear sparkling ribbons. Adding fake snow on the windows is great too,

Use safety pins and attach them to the curtains, cushions and all over the house. Dont forget the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room either. The children will love doing their bedrooms, so make sure to buy lots of tinsel. Hang pretty ornaments from curtains, on picture hooks and anywhere you want to make your home look bright and beautiful.

All you need is an enthusiastic family with loads of ideas and energy and you will have your home interior Christmas decorating done in no time at all and, the best thing of all, it wont cost much, and you will all have a great time.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

So now, it is time to decorate the outside of your home for Christmas. Where do you start? I always start at two of the best online sites for my decorations, the first is, where you join up, and search through the hundreds of free ads that have just about every conceivable item you would want to track down. Dont waste any more time, because if you want to pick up something special at a good price, then its time to log on and start your shopping.

Outdoor Christmas decorations can be overwhelming if they are done well. With so many styles to choose from, there is no excuse for having a dowdy house front over the Christmas period. I love to see the amazement in childrens faces when they see coloured lights flashing, Santas sleigh, and reindeer cruising across a housetop sparkling in the summer breeze.

My family love Christmas and everyone helps with the decorating, inside and out. You can make it simple, or you can make it as convoluted as you will allow your imagination to run. Most of the houses around us in Melbourne have put up Christmas outdoor decorations and lights over the past few years and it seems to be catching.

Im glad, because somehow it seems to initiate a bonding between neighbours. It amazes me that people stream past the houses in the street to look at the Christmas decorations when they have been totally illuminated to the point where the street become almost daylight with the thousands of different lighting combinations.

You can make your own outdoor decorations and once again, even tiny tots can enjoy making their own decorations to go on display in the front garden. If you are crafty then you will find many uses for cardboard rolls, tin foil stars, plastic bells, spray painted in the traditional colours of green, red, and gold, and hung on string or wire as a garland. Striped candy canes can be hung in bushes and trees and the children can cut out gold stars and hang them from branches as well. Let their little minds run wild and you will be surprised with the ideas.

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