In suburban U.S.A., living the American dream… Sounds appealing, whether you are living it or not, doesn't it? This was once the American ideal. Times have changed a lot. However, one thing remains the same: home owners are proud of their homes, no matter where they live. Homeowners would love to add value to their homes if given the opportunity and believe curb appeal is important. Who doesn't want to live in the nicest, largest or most interesting home on the block? What would set your home apart from the rest if it’s not the nicest or the largest?

Landscaping, exterior improvements, outside décor? All of the above are great ideas to add visual interest to your home. But what about taking advantage of the Christmas season? The season is an opportunity for homes and businesses alike to literally “shine”. It’s a favorite Christmas tradition to drive around and gaze at Christmas lights. Why not proudly display your home with beautiful lighting?

At the time of year when those spring flowers you planted no longer live—in most regions—this is the perfect way to be festive, entertain and create curb appeal! You can enjoy the lighting from November to January—or later—year after year. It’s something to look forward to each year. It’s also something for your entire neighborhood to anticipate.

So where do you begin? The budget, where to buy, who’s going to install? The best way to begin is to start planning early. Envision your decorated home and define your expectations.  Come up with your own creative ideas. How much do you have to spend? Do you want simple strands of lights or do you want to go a bit bigger with large outdoor displays? Do you want to buy online? Are you able to self-install or would you need to hire someone?

Once you have answered these questions, start shopping! Call around and look online if you are going custom. See what’s out there that fills your vision. There is an array of product available on the Internet. Shopping around also gives you ideas. Place your orders early in case what you’re after is on back order or not yet available.  After your lighting is purchased, sketch out a plan for your home with your lighting design. If you are hiring someone to install, you will already have your plan in hand and simplify the process. If you are doing it yourself, you have a blueprint to follow. Happy decorating!

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By Melissa Farnham, Director of Marketing for LightTheNight

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We all know that country Christmas decorations are unique than any other types of decors. Although many of us are living in the city area, many homes are fond of using country Christmas decorations because of its uniqueness and attractiveness.

It is really fun and enjoy to decorate your home with different Country Christmas decorations. In fact, there are cheap country-themed decors available in the market today. This is also a good way to decorate your home, and have a great bonding time with your children. Country Christmas decorations are very simple in style, but it would give your home a brand-new look. So, it is a great idea to have these attractions right into your home.

It is also creative to make use of handmade country Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree. Welcoming and eye-catching ornaments are always recommended to be placed in Christmas trees. In making your decors, let your kids join you. Make use of pinking sheers for cutting a few of them, which would give them a zigzag border. Country Christmas decorations do not need to be perfect. Even if there are imperfections in the decorations you made, these would not ruin the decorations you have; instead, it would add more beauty to it.

Christmas quilt is considered to be one of the popular Country Christmas decorations. This type of Christmas quilt must be placed on the couch or you can use it as tablecloth. For more country-themed facade, you can place some centerpieces on the top of the tablecloth; this would give a simple but awesome look in your home.

Popcorns and cranberries on strings make wonderful garlands which can enhance the appearance of an old-fashioned country Christmas tree. To avoid any waste of garlands, you can give these stuff to the birds out there. Just make sure to take the string away so the birds won't get hurt. You can search online for detailed instructions on these Christmas decors.

These are fun yet simple means to beautify your home. And also, these will give your home an old-fashioned country statement that you really want to have. Always see to it that the tree you used must be watered every now and them. Also, keep the lit candles away from decors and other flammables. Lastly, consider this activity as a great family tradition every holiday season.

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When it comes to Christmas, are you like many other Americans? If so, there is a good chance that you will be decorating your home for this coming Christmas season. Although a large number of individuals use the same decorations each year, there are others who like to buy new decorations every so often. If you are in the market for a new set of Christmas decorations where do you plan on shopping? With the recent increase in popularity of online shopping, there is a good chance that you may be interested in buying your Christmas decorations online. The only question is should you?

As previously mentioned, when it comes to shopping online, the popularity of it has rose in recent years. In fact, it seems as if the popularity of online shopping as skyrocketed. This has led many individuals, maybe even you, to believe that shopping online is the best way to shop. However, before you go right out and start buying your Christmas decorations online, you need to know that there are advantages and disadvantages to shopping online; advantages and disadvantages that may reaffirm your to decision to shop online or not to.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage to buying your Christmas decorations online is the selection of products that you will have to choose form. Online, you can, literally, find an unlimited number of retailers and individuals who specialize in selling Christmas decorations. You can easily find all different types of Christmas decorations online, including Christmas trees, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas lights, Christmas figurines, and much more. In fact, in addition to the style of shopping, you will also find a wide variety of different prices.

The prices that you can find, while shopping for Christmas decorations online, is another one of the many benefits to buying your Christmas decorations over the internet. As previously mentioned, you can easily find a number of low-cost decorations, as well as top of the line, elegant decorations. Therefore, whether you are shopping for Christmas decorations that are affordable or Christmas decorations that are the best out there, you can easily find what you are looking for online. You can do so with a standard internet search. Your internet search will likely lead you to the online website of an online retailer or an individual who specializes in making or selling Christmas decorations.

In addition to the selection of Christmas decorations you will have, as well as the costs, you will also find that shopping online saves you time. What is nice about online shopping is that you can search for online retailers, search for Christmas decorations, place your order, and pay for your order, all while sitting from the comfort of your own home. You can save yourself a fairly large amount of time by finding and buying your Christmas decorations online, instead of having to drive around to multiple retail stores.

As mentioned above, there are also a few disadvantages to shopping for Christmas decorations online. In fact, there are very few disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is the shipping. When you order your items online, the items will be delivered directly to your door. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees as to how your item will arrive. You need to think about this when making a large online Christmas decoration purchase. It is best to double check and make sure that your package will be insured. Insurance will help to protect you from financially being responsible for a damaged package. With buying Christmas decorations online, it is also important to be cautious of the cost of shipping. Some online retailers charge more money for shipping than they need to. If the cost of shipping seems too high to you, you may want to refrain from making the purchase. With a little bit of research, you should easily be able to find the same or similar products with affordable shipping costs.

Since there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to buying your Christmas decorations online, you will need to determine whether you can, personally, benefit from doing your shopping online. In most cases, you will find that you can. In addition to buying your Christmas decorations online, you may also be able to find valuable tips and information on how to decorate your home for Christmas.

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A wide variety of Christmas tree decorations are available today that people buy to accessorize their Christmas trees. How do you spruce up a tree so that it can help induce Christmas spirit within the home and make everyone happy?

The best way to decorate a tree is to identify the theme you want. The theme mainly dictates the size, material,and decorations of the Christmas tree. Some individuals prefer a certain color and this will define the colors of the accessories. Others prefer certain objects such as angels, balls, snowmen, stars, candy canes, animals and candles. While others prefer to be unique and buy unusual ornaments like ballet figures, sports items, or even patriotic ornaments. In classrooms, students are encouraged to come up with Christmas tree decorations from natural or recycled materials.

Most likely, the most crucial Christmas tree decoration are the Christmas lights. It needs particular attention as it brings a special life to the tree. There are numerous types of Christmas lights available in the market. It's also possible to choose an outdoor or an indoor type depending where you want to put the Christmas tree. Colors vary from Christmas colors such as green, red, and white and to the more typical ones such as blue, turquoise and violet. However, a special attention has to be given on the quality of the Christmas lights to avoid getting electrocuted and catching fire during the season. Fire caused by a faulty Christmas tree decoration is the first thing one must truly avoid during Christmas.

When you have bought your tree and Christmas decorations, the next step is to put the decorations on the Christmas tree. If the tree is tall, it will be convenient to keep a portable step near it. Most people start by putting the lights first around the tree. It is better to hang the decorations starting from the inside of the tree and towards the outer tips of the branches. You have to pay attention that the decorations are well spaced throughout the tree and not concentrated at one spot of the tree.

After you have successfully placed all the decorations, it's now time to enjoy the sight of a pretty Christmas tree.

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"Going green" has become a part of our daily lives. We recycle paper and plastic. Our appliances and vehicles are also enegry efficient.  Going green with LED is now the choice in holiday lighting as well.

The price for LED lighting is a bit more than the standard incandescent bulbs we've seen in the past but the energy savings, longevity and low maintenance more than make up for the cost difference.

An LED bulb consumes only 1/10 the amount of energy of an incandescent bulb.  For example, a typical 50-light string of incandescent bulbs uses 20.4 watts of power, while our Pro-Grade 50-light strings only use either 2.4 or 4.8 watts per string (depending on the color) yet produce the same or even more output. That's a savings on your electric bill of 77% to 89%. And that's only the beginning……..

Longevity is another important advantage to using LED lighting. The standard incandescent mini lights are rated at 3,000 hours, our Pro-Graded Minibrites rate at…..are you ready for this? 50,000 hours!!!! That's approximately 16 times longer, which means 16 less times you'll need to replace the light string.

A few other advantages of using LED for your holiday lighting displays are LED lights are much smaller than the traditional bulb, making it much easier to put up your lights and allows you to be more creative in your holiday displays.  Have I mentioned that LED lights also operate much cooler than other bulbs?  In fact, they only exhibit a temperature variation of 1 degree, making them a much safer option than incandescent light sets. This gives you more freedom in decorating outdoor plants and greenery, which would be prone to catching fire if you used other bulbs.